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Overal Rating: 4.5/5 is an online dating site which has over the years been at the top of the online dating world. Unlike most online dating sites, mainly caters for individuals who are seeking arrangement with persons who provide mutual benefits to everyone involved. What does this mean? Basically the site offers arrangement services for sugar daddies and sugar babies. These are people who mostly enjoy the fast life, luxurious trips, exotic gifts and generally a good time! Additionally, the site has taken a keen interest in sugar daddy dating, as more and more people have embraced the idea of dating while being financially well off from their partners. Seeking arrangement login is easy and fast and this enables users to have an excellent time while looking for potential soul mates.

The advance of modern technology has made the dating site to be easier and better. Nowadays, more and more people are meeting their soul mates online rather than the traditional ways. Currently, dating sites that are in existence are in large numbers, as more and more people have begun embracing these online sites. One such site is

Subscription prices: has quite a remarkable and affordable range of subscription fees to ensure its users get the best available deals available. For starters, sugar babies have a subscription fee of $20, which is payable per month.

This payment is made via seeking arrangements and for those who opt to pay through Multicards, the fee is slightly higher to $29.95.Consequently,

sugar daddies and mommies will be required to pay a monthly membership fee of $49.95 and this is done on the website.

Alternatively, for those who prefer to pay through via Multicards, the payment is only $59.95, which is quite a bargain. also has an excellent feature, whereby anyone who would like to upgrade their subscription membership can be able to get a membership of between 90 and 180 days.

Standard member features:

Standard membership has quite a variety of features despite them being a little limited. Standard membership entails basic features such as free unlimited messaging, enabling one to message any potential date without any restrictions, and these features are for profiles of sugar babies. On the part of sugar daddies and mommies however, one can only send up to ten messages at no extra cost.

In addition, a standard sugar daddy and mommy profile cannot receive any incoming messages. For standard member features, sugar babies will only be able to receive and send messages once they have put a profile picture uploaded. This is to prevent cases of cat fishing and fraudulent cases.

Gold membership:

Gold membership has the best full range of features to make a user’s experience on the online dating suite to be interesting and beneficial. For instance, Gold membership enables a user to have access to stronger privacy settings, from message filters to preferential age restrictions.

In addition, a gold membership user can be able to access priority potential dates, as well as the highly rated potential dates on the platform.

Gold membership also enables sugar daddies and mommies to receive incoming messages as well as send unlimited messages, which makes the site so cool and awesome!


In a world of online dating, many sites have sprung up and they offer a variety of services. However, when it comes to sugar daddy dating, is the best online platform. has the best sugar daddy dating services in the industry, with online reviews ranking it on the top of the industry. Many people have reportedly even found their one true love on the platform! How cool is that! Just imagine being a click away from realizing your wildest dreams of finding your one true love! is the online dating site which makes this possible.